glitter jar i made and if u wanna make one too watch this tutorial i posted on youtube a long time ago
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arizona is life
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Thats so pretty.. and the water is so clear. Waters here in hk are polluted with shit and condoms lol

She’s holding it like she just got it from Starbucks

Hell yeah I am
Omggg if you guys don’t like the way I hold my turtle then I am sorry omgggg he is not damaged, scarred, emotionally hurt, afraid, nervous, or anything bad. He is perfectly fINE. IVE HAD HIM FOR FIVE YEARS AND HE IS STILL AS LOVEY AS EVER. so pls do not hate on how I handled him in the picture bc he is fucking oKAY. It is just a PICTURE, it’s not like I’m dangling him around gOODNESS GRACIOUS. It is the same as holding a dog or a cat vertically, BUT I DONT SEE U PPL HATING ON WHOEVER TAKES THE PHOTO HM.

I love you and you are important.